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This type of extended foreplay can involve SMS messaging, phone calls, online chat, or other forms of distance communication, which are intended to stimulate fantasizing about the forthcoming encounter. The loser can, for example, be required to remove clothing or give the winner a sensual foot massage or any other thing that the winner wants to try.A sensuous atmosphere can also be enhanced by candles, drinks, sensual food or suggestive clothing.Sexual role-playing or sex games can create sexual interest.These games can be played in a variety of situations, and have been enhanced by technology. The objective of the game is for the partners to indulge their fantasies.

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An indication of sexual desire can be through physical intimacy, such as kissing, touching, embracing or nibbling the partner.Non-verbally, foreplay can include provocative clothing, suggestive postures and motions, preening gestures, winking, licking or biting one's lips, standing inside a partner's personal space, and holding a gaze longer than would be expected from only a casual interest.Foreplay commences when the other partner indicates reciprocal sexual interest.In human sexual behavior, foreplay is a set of emotionally and physically intimate acts between two or more people meant to create sexual arousal and desire for sexual activity.Foreplay results in physiological and mental responses in both parties in anticipation of the expected sexual activity.Turn-offs can range from things like bad breath, body odor, excessive noise or a reference to an ex-partner.


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