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The film is an origins story that follows our titular hero Diana Prince who is forced to abandon the island of Themyscira when US military pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) washes ashore and swaps her idyllic climes for the hellish landscape of the Western Front.

As the pair battle their way across the trenches in order for Diana to find and defeat the God of War – whom she believes is the reason the world is fighting – the film is jam-packed with DC references and little Easter eggs for comic fans,.

After walking through the mud of the trenches, Diana’s boots are next seen spotless. During the trench scene, Diana defies Steve’s orders and goes over the top into No Man’s Land.

In this scene we see a soldier on the ladder behind her but when the shot returns to Diana, the soldier is gone.

General Ludendorf is a menacing figure in the film, prowling around in a uniform that includes a long, three-pronged collar tab.

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With California booming, thanks to the 1849 Gold Rush, Americans east and west had been clamoring for faster and surer transcontinental mail...Steve Trevor’s sentimental watch that he gives to Diana at the end of the film has a quartz movement.The first quartz watches weren’t introduced until 1969 by Seiko.On this day in 1779, French Commander Charles Count d’Estaing captures two British frigates and two British supply ships in the Savannah River. in June and in the United States on September 3.) The film starred Michael Caine as Charlie Croker, the leader of a gang of goodhearted thieves determined...After completing a total blockade of Savannah, Commander d’Estaing’s 5,000 French troops, along with General Benjamin Lincoln’s 5,000 American troops, surrounded the British-held city of Savannah. On September 15, 1969, the classic British heist movie The Italian Job is released in Swedish theaters. Confederate General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson captures Harpers Ferry, Virginia (present-day West Virginia), and some 12,000 Union soldiers as General Robert E. The Federal garrison inside Harpers Ferry was vulnerable to a Confederate attack after Lee’s invasion of Maryland in September. Nikita Khrushchev becomes the first Soviet head of state to visit the United States.On this day in 1794, future President James Madison marries Dolley Payne Todd, a vivacious widow who went on to embrace the role of first lady and White House hostess.


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