Who is uti nwachukwu dating

Shout out to all the unpretentious married people brave enough to fulfill their vows and are living out their marital dreams.God has blessed you I’m not married, I’ve never been so I am not speaking from experience.Saeon likes her privacy just like me too.” He said.Asked what he likes about her, Uti said “She’s hardworking, focused and understanding”.I’m talking from a reasonable open minded point of view of a man who interacts with people on a daily basis.In conclusion: Marriage to me should be a step taken when you meet someone and you just feel inside that this person understands you!

He also said he doesn’t care that they are not from the same tribe “This is 2014, I care about her heart, not her tribe” he said.Hahaha On a more serious note my opinion is this…expecting everyone to get and stay married is like expecting everyone to be Rich and famous!They just fling themselves into unions just so they can be ‘MARRIED’. “We don’t know how it came to the knowledge of the public. In an interview with Encomium magazine this week, the BBA winner said they are in love though they are taking it ‘one step at a time’.That even when you fight, you can’t go for long without talking!


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