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Avoid one line answers It’s easy to answer all questions with monosyllables. Both of you are on a date to get to know more about each other and figure out the compatibility.

By answering all the questions put your way with one liners, you’re making it a lot harder for your date to converse with you.

Don’t ever embarrass your date by dressing casually or in a hurry, especially if your date’s taken their time to look their best for you. Paying for dinner is a small sign of appreciation a man has to display to thank the woman he’s with. Put on your best side, no matter how the date goes. But sometimes, a date could be an uncut diamond in the dirt just waiting to be revealed. Unless they’re obnoxious oafs, try to have a good time.

If he can’t afford dinner, can he really afford to date you and go out with you on a regular basis? [Read: Revealing questions to ask on a date] Never reveal your disappointment Don’t show your disappointment.

Focus on your date Learn to focus on your date, no matter what.

If you’re going to exchange glances with other good lookers, it would be extremely disrespectful to your date.

Don’t dress down Dressing casual may seem like the perfect attire to dress up for a first date, but if you’ve planned for dinner or a meeting at a swanky lounge, always dress your best.

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Help him feel more like a man and he’ll love you for it.

Dating and meeting potential dates is an intrinsic part of the single life, especially if you want to find that special someone for yourself. But not knowing how to be a good date who can behave well can spell doom for anyone.

If you want to have a successful date, you need to understand how to be a good date in all its subtleties. You do have expectations from a date and the person you’re meeting.

Never talk about yourself in a manner that can seem boastful.

Keep touchy subjects like your paycheck and your car away for another day.


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