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Others say that the French used the word o-jib-i-weg or "pictograph" because the Anishinabe employed a written language based on pictures or symbols.There is no standard spelling in English, and variations include: Ojibwa, Ojibway, Chippewa and Chippeway.

Ojibwa has become the common English language reference for encyclopedias and entries on this group of peoples.The history of the contact between non-Native Americans and the Ojibwa dates back more than 350 years.While the Ojibwa did not engage in extended armed conflict with Europeans, the relationship was not always amicable.Early legends indicate that, 500 years ago, the Ojibwa lived near the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River.About 1660 they migrated westward, guided by a vision of a floating seashell referred to as the sacred miigis.At the Straits of Mackinac, the channel of water connecting Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, the vision ended, and the Anishinabe divided into three groups.


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