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Imagine how hard it would be to watch your favorite sitcoms like Seinfeld or Friends if they were on at different times (okay maybe not that hard with Netflix and content sydication across networks, but you get the picture).Building a specific blog or a “niche-narrow” blog is important because a.Word, or Word Press for short, is my favorite blogging software.I recommend it to everyone because when you make a blog with it you are instantly on the playing field with the likes of Forbes, Katy Perry, Tech Crunch, Tim Ferris Blog,, and thousands more.

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Disclaimer Time: Blogging doesn’t have to be for a living.But as you start a blog I bet you’re at least considering the chance that the blog you make might be become widely popular and worth a lot. If you’re the type of envisions blogging for a career, maybe making the next Huff Post on ________ or selling a blog someday you need to follow 3 steps.So let me explain those three things and why they are necessary.You’re welcome 🙂 Getting traffic is a necessary process on any blog in any niche. You’ll need good relevant titles on your articles and a few other seo tweaks like choosing a focus keyword.The good news is this beginner SEO becomes second nature after a few articles!You’ll know how to make a real blog/website and will tell everyone and recommend it to everyone. You can take any topic like “best cameras” and cover new angels, trends, photographers and such every week. Pick one of those topics you just write on and your fingers fly across the keyboard as your head nods and your foot taps away.


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