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Frequencies: DVB-S2/8PSK 10773 H, 10803 H, 11082 H SR 22000 FEC 3/4, DVB-S2/8PSK 10832 H, 10964 H, 11464 H, 12574 H SR 22000 FEC 2/3. 2×2, 365 Days TV, 5 Channel (Ukraine), 9 Volna, Amedia, Amedia 2, Amedia Hit, Amedia Premium, BBC World News, Bollywood, Bloomberg, Bridge TV, CBS Drama, CBS Reality, CCTV-News, CCTV4, DANGE TV, Euronews, Eurosport 2, Extreme Sports, Fashion TV Network, Food Network, Fine Living, FOX, FRANCE24, Gulli, Hustler, HTH, History, Jim Jam, MCM Top, Mezzo, Nat Geo Wild, Nickeodeon, Galaxy, HTB 2, OCEAN-TV, Outdoor Channel, Paramount Comedy, Paramount Channel, Playboy TV, RT (English), RT (Arabic), RT (Spanish), RTG TV, RTD, RUSONG TV, RU. Igra HD, Nash Football HD, Channel One HD, Russia HD, KHL HD Channels with ID 040620 are only available for viewing with DVB-S2 (HD) receivers. Petersburg, Strana, Sever, TV-21 M, TV Guberniya, TVC, TVC ( 2), TNT ( 2), TRO, JV! Available HD channels: HD-Life, Konniy Mir HD, MATCH! GAME HD, Match TV HD, NTV HD, Channel One HD, Russia HD, Bollywood HD, KHL HD, Travel Channel HD, RTG HD, Trace Sport Stars HD, Trace Urban HD.

(19e) frequencies: 12515 H SR 22000 FEC 5/6, DVB-S2/8PSK 12722 H SR 23500 FEC 2/3. Petersburg, Sovershenno Sekretno, Strana, Sever, TV Guberniya, TVC, TVC ( 2), TNT ( 2) TNT4, TRO, Da Vinci Channel, JV! Available HD channels: Animal Planet HD, Amedia Premium HD, Bollywood HD, Discovery HD Showcase, Eurosport HD, FOX HD, HD Life, HD Kino NTV Plus, History HD, HTB HD, Mezzo Live HD, MGM HD, MTV Live HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, National Geographic HD, Nickelodeon HD, TLC HD, Travel Channel HD, Trace Sport Stars HD, Trace Urban HD, TV1000 Comedy HD, TV1000 Megahit HD, TV1000 Premium HD, Viasat Nature/History HD, Viasat Sport HD, Konniy Mir HD , Match! Available channels: 24_DOC, 365 Days TV, AMC, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, CCTV-Russian, CTC Love, Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, Dom Kino Int, DTX, Eurosport1, Fine Living, Fox Life, ID Xtra, MTV, MTV Dance, MTV Hits, MTV Rocks, National Geographic, Nick Jr, TLC, VH1 Classic, VH1 European, World Fashion, Auto Plus, Vremya: Dalekoe i Blizkoe, Dom Kino, Domashniy, Europa Plus TV, Zvezda, India TV, Kino Plus NTV Plus, Kinohit NTV Plus, Disney Channel, Karusel, Comedy TV, Kuhnya TV, La-Minor TV, Match TV, Match! More about package 36e channels: Brazzers TV, O-la-la, Ru TV, Shopping Live, SHOP24, Top Shop, TV Sale, Bobyor, Dom Kino, Domashniy, Zvezda , Zoo TV, Iskushenie, Karusel, Kinopokaz, Match TV, Mir, Muz-TV, NTV , Nash Football, Nano TV, Nash Football, Nochnoy Klub, OTR, Ohotnik i Rybolov, Channel One, Channel Five, Pyatnica, REN TV, Russia 1, Russia 24, Russia K, Russkaya Noch, Spas, CTC, TV3, TVC, TNT, TTS, Teletravel. Football 3, Mir, Mir Seriala, Mnogoseriynoe TV, Morskoy, My Planet, Muzhskoe Kino, Muz, Nashe Kino NTV Plus, Nashe Novoye Kino NTV Plus, Nash Football, Nostalgia, Ohota i Rybalka, Channel One, Premyera NTV Plus, Psihologiya21, Pyatnica, Channel Five, Radost Moya, RBC-TV, Russia 1, Russia 24, Russia K, Russkaya Noch, Russkiy Illusion, Sovershenno Sekretno, CTC, TV-21M, TVC, TDK, KHL, TNT, Che, Yu-TV. This package only works with Linux receivers using Oscam and Wicardd plugins, as well as with DVB cards using Acamd plugin. A reckless joyride that delves deep into the mind of rock’s greatest living photographer: Mick Rock. The Mick Rock Documentary is an odyssey into the colorful and crazy recesses of rock ‘n’ roll’s history.555 Guests, 21 Users (44 Spiders) Users active in past 900 minutes:pirlo003, sivromiki, cambrils, risting, kalesija, Freon35, golub, Lorenzo, tomka, intercode, saura, dejan, thunderstorm6, satellite, almird, schwarzkopf113, baxon_, Svedba, maximus5, saidmax, jeanpaul [Administrator] [Global Moderator] Most Online Today: 643.7 CCCAM LINES or 2 MGCAMD LİNES; (Up to customer's choice) RARE PACKAGES CCCAM & MGCAMD ELİTE Package is the ultimate card sharing subscription plan, including the VERY RARE platforms addded on top of the premium package in the card sharing market.Available channels: CENTOXCENTO TV, Dorcel TV, EXOTICA TV, PASSIONXXX, SCT HD, SCT, SESTO SENSO TV, TGirlstv. 36e frequencies: 12190 L SR 22500 FEC 3/4; 11881 L, 12226 L, 12303 L SR 27500 FEC 3/4. TV, RTG TV, Shopping Live, Teen TV, Auto Plus, BST, Domashniy, Domashniy Magazin, Dom Kino, Zvezda, Zoo TV, Iskushenie, Disney Channel, Karusel, La-Minor TV, Match TV, Match! Available HD channels: HD KINO NTV-PLUS, Match TV HD, MATCH! Available channels (DVB-S2): 24_Doc (27), 9 Volna (42), Amedia (42), Brazzers TV Europe (8E), BRIDGE TV (42), Dange TV (42), Discovery Science (27), DTX (27), Disney (42 ), Extreme Sport (42), Fine Living (42), Food Network (42), Galaxy (42), Gulli (42), History (42), MTV Hits (42), Nautical Channel (42), Nickelodeon (42 ), Noise (42), Ocean TV (42), O-la-la (8E), Paramount Comedy (42), Playboy TV (8E), RTG TV (42), Rusong (42), Sony Sci Fi (42 ), Slow (42), TNT 3 (42), Ti Ji (42), Top Song (42), Travel Channel (42), TV XXI (42), VIP TV (42), VH1 Classic (42), Zee Russia (42), Auto 24 (42), Ani (42), Astrakhan 24 (42), Box TV (42), BST (42), Detskiy (42), Detskiy Mir (42), Zhivaya Planeta (42), Zoo Park (42), Euronews (42), Evrokino (42), Europa Plus (42), USE (42), Enisey (42), Illusion (42), History (42), Kuray TV (42), Mama (42 ), Maydan (42), Mir Seriala (42), Mir Uvlecheniy (42), Moscow 24 (42), Mult (42), Multimania (42), My Planet (42), Nashe TV (42), Nauka 2.0 (42), Nostalgia (42), NSTV (42), NTV ( 3) (42), Nu Art TV (8D), OTV (42), Ohota i Rybalka (42), Park Razvlecheniy (42), Channel One ( 4) (42), Penguin Lolo (42), Pro100 TV (42), Prodvizhenie (42), RBC TV (42), Russkiy Bestseller (25), Russkiy Detectiv (25), Russkiy Roman (25), Russkiy Illusion (42), CTC ( 4) (42), Sarafan (42) Sovershenno Sekretno (42), Strana (42), T24 (42), Theatre (42), Telecafe (42), TRO (42), Horosheye Kino (42), Chanson TV (42), Shant (42), Egoist TV (8D), Yu-TV (42), 360^ HD (42), Zhivaya Priroda HD (42), Kino TV HD (25), Match TV HD (42), Channel One HD (42), Russia HD (42), Channel One ( 4) HD (4C), Amedia Premium HD (2F), Animal Planet HD (27), C Music (42), Eurosport HD Russia (0B), Eurosport 2 HD Russia (0B), Fashion HD (42), Mezzo Live HD (42), MGM HD (42), Outdoor HD (42), RTG HD (27), Sony HD ( 42), Slow HD (42), Travel Channel HD (42), TV 1000 Comedy HD (91), TV 1000 Mega Hit HD (91), TV 1000 Premium HD (91).


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