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He gripped my hips and he plunged deep into me in one solid stroke. He pulled me back over, trapping my body to his lap with his strong arms. Even though I knew I shouldn't, even though everything inside me told me to not reach back, I did. I knew not to cum without his saying so, at least when we were like this. Make me take all you give meeee." He jammed his finger into my trembling wet hole. He didn't stop but picked up the pace, adding another finger. "AAaaaaahhhhhhhhh..." gurgling as my body exploded. *blushing smile* I finally got my nerve up to write one for the Halloween Story Contest 2017. Normally not one for violence in what I read, being close to Halloween, I felt a titillation at the promise of the dark chill and sank into a suspenseful vampire tale. All I heard was his deep resonant voice calling out, "Kelly, I'm home! I welcome your comments but please be kind since this is my first story ever sent here. I looked at the steaks and threw them in the freezer for another day. He was usually a bit tired mid-week and I had just lost my extra five pounds. Within only a few minutes, I returned to my wine glass, and drew a long drink. Shed of my high heels and work clothing, my auburn hair was now pulled to a ponytail and I was in my baby blue cotton PJs, the ones with Capri pants and small top. Putting my wine glass down next to the bottle, I settled into his oversized leather chair, pulling my legs under me and dropping a throw blanket on my lap. It was then I noticed the sizable candy bowl we had hidden away on the side table. As the heroine's heartbeat heightened when the vampire pulled her into his embrace, hands sinking under her garb, I gulped huge swallows of wine. In a rush of adrenaline, I tried to brush the wine from the leather but knew it had already stained, so I hid it with the throw blanket.

"Try looking at the next two texts and calls." "Ooops." They had told of change of plans. ******** He had started more calmly, though I knew he was anything but calm.

a swat of the little leather thong." I let out a sigh of relief. "One for each wrapper." Nnn..." I swallowed back my objection. "There's a lot of wrappers, Kelly." His hand cupped my trembling sex. " His finger rocked inside me while his thumb rubbed my sweet sensitive nub.

I gasped and tried to hold back, mouth nearly biting the leather arm of the chair.

He quelled all the roiling anger into a deep growl as he had asked me to slide over his lap. But he turned me around so that my face was on the wine stain.

The cool air of the room kissed my increasingly sore cheeks. I stole away to call your cell..." "And..." "No answer?


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