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) yes Enable sound and sound CPUs yes Use Samples yes Use Folume auto Adjustment sample rate 48000 volume attenuation 0db audio latency 1/5 ************************************************ Well thanks for reading, I hope some one can shed some lite as to what would be the best settings or what I can do to optimize them Thanks for posting Jimmy Currently Running Compaq Presario V2000 AMD Turion ML-32 1.8ghz ATI Radeon X200 integrated 128mb Ram 1128mb 14" WXGVA High Definition LCD ( Wide Screen ) I hate half of you...especially the dumb ones.Some of you are on my blacklist and so shall be any asswife that tries to prove he's worth anything.I'll do up a review but all I can say is everything is excellent.. Some of you are on my blacklist and so shall be any asswife that tries to prove he's worth anything.You have been warned so don't cry to your momma about it later on..any mods for that matter.I've read through the faq and I still am not sure or clear on what I could do to optimize visuals. " The settings in the " advance settings " I am not clear on, hopefully someone can help match game refresh rate, sync monitor refresh, wait for vertical sync, switch resolution to fit, switch color depth to are my settings for default game properties ********************************************* Display: off Run in Windows off Start out Maximized on Enforce aspect ratio on Throttle Clean Stretch auto Rotation default Effects off use scanlines none zoom 2 gamma correction 1.0 brightness correction 1.0 pause brightness 0.65 2 zoom 1 gamma correction 1 Britghtness Correction 0.65 Pause Brightness ********************************************* Advanced: yes Use Direct Draw yes Tripple Buffering no Match Game Refresh Rate ( turning this on, does it limit the amount of frames?

On SDL/Linux, auto will default to x11, or none if it doesn’t find any. for further details) The settings in the later INIs override those in the earlier INIs.

List comprehensive details for all of the supported games.

The output is quite long, so it is usually better to redirect this into a file. By default all games are listed; however, you can limit this list by specifying a driver name or wildcard after the -listxml command.

I notice when I have this turned on it does not look clear, sharp and colourful ) no Switch color depth to fit ( does this enhance or limit visual quality?

I notice when I have it turned on it does not look as clear, sharp and colourful ) Resolution: auto size auto depth auto refresh 1 Full screen brightness yes stretch using hardwae aspect ratio 4:3 fram skip no automatic draw every frame ********************************************** Direct3D: Default ( Anything I touch here causes the game to look bad with scnalines etc.) ********************************************** Sound: ( I dont think there is anything more i can do for sound quality but maybe there is an extra plug in or something that may help?


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