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The year 2000 saw RBTT acquiring FINSAC’s 99.9 per cent shareholding in Union Bank of Jamaica. Union Bank was the result of a merger of the business of four FINSAC-controlled commercial banks and their three allied merchant banks, all seven of which sought Government intervention when faced with insolvency: Citizens Bank; Eagle Commercial Bank; Island Victoria Bank; Workers Savings & Loan Bank; Citizens Merchant Bank; Corporate Merchant Bank; and Island Life Merchant Bank.

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As our political and business leaders hurt up old wounds about who did what during FINSAC, Trinidad and Tobago have taken full advantage of the financial crises of the nineties and are now major players in once failed banks and insurance companies in Jamaica.Hopefully with the new fiscal initiative by the government that might change Without any empirical evidence I am going to make a wild guess that the majority of students at University, evening classes are specializing in business areas.Look at the Universities and colleges so many business degrees and masters and MBAs for what?When Golding administration took over they seem a little more tougher on the CARICOM deal and saw it’s imperfections and also how it might be hurting Jamaica.They even beat up on poor little old Guyana about a bag of rice.I am afraid that one day I am going to turn on the television and see Usian Bolt waving the Trinidad and Tobago flag after shattering another world record.


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