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It still won't end right away, your chatty girl friend still need to finish the current chat segment.Now for the pillow talk CG scene, I will quote rai2ken: So, to trigger this bedroom scene, you need to:-Increase the heroine's mood to level 5 (In Love)-Go to the Inn (Agil's Shop), do not enter your room yet.If you get the option menu (chat, disband party), etc.

This will force her to start the conversation more often than standing/moving around to find the right spot.

Depending if you select R1 or O, you might get an extra chat topic (as a follow-up question), or your wife is upset and decides to dock a chat segment from you.3) Once your enjoyment bar is filled, you can press X and the conversation would end after the current chat segment.

Very helpful to speed up the grind once you hit affection level 4.4) You gain more chat time as your affection level goes up.

You can either sit at the sofa, or the bed (recommended).

While you are at it, hold hands before you sit down.2) End the conversation by depleting the timer bar.


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